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Avalon, L.T.

When black guy LT walks out to the pool, he sees enormous butt dark diva Avalon lying face down, sunbathing. He stands there for a moment appreciating her fine backside and then he jumps on the horny babe, grabbing her by the hips and lifting her up into the doggystyle position. From here he yanks her knickers down around her knees, tonguing her pussy and rump crack from the back. He slides his pole in to Avalon's moist muff, starting up a steady huge wang pumping that makes the helpless diva moan in ecstasy. She is extremely moist and tight, extracting LT's ejaculate quickly he whips out his pole and drops his load on the pretty babe's face.

S⃣i⃣s⃣i⃣G⃣e⃣l⃣a⃣p⃣K⃣u⃣ Choking. chubby

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